About us

Who are Monkey Puzzle?

We help leaders find the time to lead, and teams to align with purpose and direction.

Formed by organisational psychologists Karen Meager and John McLachlan in 2007, Monkey Puzzle is a consultancy focused on coaching, training and personal development. We do this for both leaders and their teams.

Our Values

We want to help people and organisations realise their mission and purpose, to see their ideas take flight and achieve great things.

We get to know our clients over time - and we work with them when they are comfortable that the time is right. We always respect that we are being invited into someone’s organisation, often to work on projects that are deeply personal to them. We respond with the same optimistic and forward looking nature our clients bring to us.

Are we a good fit for you?

Karen explains our client ethos and how we do business in her talk on ethical marketing at the Watertight Marketing Conference in 2018.

Meet the Team

Karen Meager

Karen Meager


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John McLachlan

John McLachlan


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Jennie Backshell

Jennie Backshell

Executive Assistant to John & Karen

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Pia Bloom

Pia Bloom

Head of Customer Experience

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Lara Leon Cullen

Lara Cullen


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Becky Mahoney

Becky Mahoney


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Mike Evans

Mike Evans


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Mental Health Awards 2017
NLP 2018 Winners - Monkey Puzzle Training
NLP Awards 2018

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