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Andy Cohen Wray

From the Office to the Track – how I built a successful NLP Athletics Business in 18 months

When Andy Cohen Wray begin learning NLP 18 months ago, none of us knew where it would take him. Working for Heathrow Airport at the time, Andy was a keen sportsman and had done some hurdling competitions, deep in the back of his mind though was an idea. Fascinated by the psychology of sports people, Andy had a dream to run his own business, coaching runners and professional athletes to get their minds in shape for their best performance in the sport they loved.

Andy did his NLP Practitioner in 2014 and NLP Master Practitioner in 2015. All through his Master Practitioner programme he worked on developing his new business Athlete in Mind, using all he was learning and the support and encouragement of the Master Practitioner group and his Trainers, NLP Master Trainers Karen and John of Monkey Puzzle Training to try out ideas and shape his business. For his modelling project he modelled the psychology of a successful athlete and learned a lot about how successful athletes use their minds to set themselves up for their best performance whilst avoiding injury and set backs. His presentation on his findings captivated the group and were very exciting for John and Karen, as NLP and psychology experts even they were hearing something they hadn’t heard before.

Now in April 2016, Andy’s business has taken off. In March he was asked to speak at the Run Expo in Manchester where he talked about Mental Performance Coaching, how to use NLP and visualisation in goal setting in competitions. He spoke about ‘naming fears’ and how athletes ‘hold on’ to previous races, especially the ones that don’t go so well. Every chair was full and legend Mark Foster joined him on stage, the highlight of the weekend.

Andy was kind enough to drop Karen and John a message after this amazing event ‘ The whole weekend went fantastically well, at one point when on the stage I had a moment to think back to how far I’ve come since doing my NLP Practitioner. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did this weekend without your fantastic training and for believing in me.’

You can find out more about Andy’s business and his services at the Athlete in Mind website

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