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How to find quality NLP Training in the UK

Karen and John are involved with the NLP leadership community both in the UK and Internationally. At the recent International NLP Leadership summit it was discussed, at great length, how we can ensure that people being trained are being trained well. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has a patchy reputation and this is by and large because the difference between good and bad quality trainings varies drastically across the UK (and the world). The problem that potential students or even people with an idle curiosity have with searching for Trainers of NLP is that unless you’ve been in the field for ten years it’s hard to work out who’s good and who’s not.

At the outset it’s important to understand that NLP is a set of techniques, tools, models and concepts that are used to improve communication, our thinking processes and change unwanted behaviours and beliefs. It’s powerful stuff. The problem that NLP has is in it’s power, people can learn and achieve a lot in a short space of time and then in their enthusiasm and excitement, go out and try it with others. And there’s the issue, what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone – nothing works for everyone because we are all so different. When you are working with peoples’ minds and emotions, you really need to know what you are doing, all the things that can go wrong and how to work ethically and respectfully with others. Some trainers have trained too quickly, not had enough experience, made enough mistakes and are more enthusiastic than they are competent – even if they are really nice people.

If you are going to take an NLP Training you are making a significant investment, in terms of financial investment, your time and your personal energy. As they say in the army ‘Time spent on a rekkie is never wasted’ so take some time to look into trainings rather than selecting based purely on price or location. We have put together a free guide for you on finding quality NLP Training in the UK, knowing as we do, a lot of excellent people in the industry. It gives you information on all the main certifying bodies, what to look for in a Trainer, the warning signs and how to find the right trainer for you – because we are all different, with different specialisms and styles. To get you started here are some of our top tips when looking for an NLP Training in the UK

  • Make sure your training is recognised by one of the main NLP Associations in the UK. Being a member of one of these doesn’t guarantee the quality of the training but to become a member trainers do have to meet some criteria concerning content, assessment and standards. The main UK ones are in the guide and these were all recognised by the attendees of the International Leadership Summit in January.
  • Be clear about who will actually deliver the training. If you are investing a lot of money and time to train with a particular trainer then make sure they will actually be training you and not delegating it to someone else.
  • Be clear about why you want to learn NLP and what you want to use it for. This will help guide you in terms of specialisms. For example some training school specialise in business, sport, coaching or personal development. Some of the shorter courses don’t go into enough depth at a skill level for you to safely use it with others. If you are looking to use it therapeutically with others, then make sure it has at least 120 hours of face to face training as the UKCP (UK council of psychotherapy) won’t accept shorter courses.
  • Speak to the trainer if you don’t know them. Good trainers will happily schedule a short call with you so don’t be afraid to ask. If you are investing a few thousand pounds with them it’s the least you can expect. Prepare a list of questions and use your intuition. A good trainer will be open about the benefits and limitations of what they teach, if they are too pushy, make unrealistic promises or are disrespectful about other NLP training schools then it’s probably best to keep searching.

At Monkey Puzzle we are very happy to support anyone looking for an NLP Training. We’d love it if you choose to train with us, our greater purpose though is in making sure people can get signposted to good trainings that suit their needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, even if we couldn’t drag you to Bristol if your life depended on it! Send any queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you’ve read the guide.

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