NLP News Update: International NLP Leadership Summit 2016

Jan 8-10th 2016 – over 35 leaders in NLP from around the world gathered in Alicante. Karen and John were delighted to be part of a group of truly inspiration people who are dedicated to the growth, quality and ethics of Neuro Linguistic Programming across the world. People came from as far as Chile, USA and Australia -as well as all over Europe.


Word’s Worth – Transparent

The words we use matter. When we speak or hear a word we make pictures and sounds in our minds, and that impacts how we feel and behave. So it’s important to be clear about what we are saying, to ourselves and others. In this series, John will explore the meaning and impact of common words we use and ask the question ‘Do we know what we’re saying?’


Your real passion in life might surprise you

 ‘What should I do with my life?’
It’s the most common question people come to coaching and programmes with and given how socially conditioned most of us are, it’s not easy to really get to the core of what really excites us and drives us as a passion. I was having dinner with a former coachee of mine last week who got me thinking about a way of connecting ourselves with this.


How to find quality NLP Training in the UK

Karen and John are involved with the NLP leadership community both in the UK and Internationally. At the recent International NLP Leadership summit it was discussed, at great length, how we can ensure that people being trained are being trained well. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has a patchy reputation and this is by and large because the difference between good and bad quality trainings varies drastically across the UK (and the world). The problem that potential students or even people with an idle curiosity have with searching for Trainers of NLP is that unless you’ve been in the field for ten years it’s hard to work out who’s good and who’s not.


From the Office to the Track – how I built a successful NLP Athletics Business in 18 months

When Andy Cohen Wray begin learning NLP 18 months ago, none of us knew where it would take him. Working for Heathrow Airport at the time, Andy was a keen sportsman and had done some hurdling competitions, deep in the back of his mind though was an idea. Fascinated by the psychology of sports people, Andy had a dream to run his own business, coaching runners and professional athletes to get their minds in shape for their best performance in the sport they loved.


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