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What to do if Coaching isn’t working

Anyone who’s anyone nowadays has a Coach. Working with a Coach can help you improve your performance, decrease your stress levels, revolutionaries your time management and sort out your work life balance. But what do you do if Coaching isn’t helping?...

First of all make sure you have the right Coach for you. Our free guide to finding a Coach which covers all the things you need to look for in your research.

Check your own motivation and goals. In order to make changes with coaching you need to have sufficient awareness of what needs changing, motivation to make changes and choices as to how to achieve them. A coach can help you with any of these but before you give up on the process make sure you have fully explored your goals and motivation.

Give coaching enough time to work. It is a relatively fast moving process but if it moves too quickly, you and the coach could end up working on the wrong issues or goals that won’t give you what you really want. As a general guide you should allow for 4-6 sessions depending on the context.

Coaching is a forward looking process and isn’t designed to address issues from the past that may be holding you back. If you think this may apply to you, consider finding a psychotherapist who will be better qualified to support you in exploring root causes and resolving them.

Find qualified psychotherapists via the following links:

Coaching is incredibly powerful but it’s is not always packed with light bulb moments and miraculous discoveries, often a one step at a time approach produces the best long term results. Watch this short video about being aware of the temptations of quick fix promises.

Be very sceptical of a Coach who makes ‘to good to be true’ promises, so do your research. Make sure at the very least that any Coach you work with has had plenty of face to face training and practice, are members of an association that has a complaints process, are insured and have regular supervision.

If you're considering becoming a coach, you might be interested in our Mind Mastery courses. The foundation course includes the ILM Coaching Level 3 qualification and the practitioner course includes the NLP Practitioner and ILM Coaching Level 5 qualifications.

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