Free Webinars

Free Webinars

Increase efficiency and reduce stress with Time Mastery

Don't just manage time, master it.
This free webinar in for professionals and individuals who want to go beyond traditional time management tools and techniques to create more flow in their work and life. You will discover: The 4 myths of time management Why time management doesn't work How to become more efficient with small changes in thinking Why multitasking is inefficient How to stop being 'busy' and achieve more This is a rare opportunity to ask the authors of bestselling Time Mastery you questions. All attendees will receive a free e book version of Time Mastery.

    • Date: 5.00pm - 5.45 pm
    • Venue:Online Webinar
    • Investment: free

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Introduction to NLP

New to NLP? Discover the tools and techniques of NLP in our free webinar with NLP Master Trainers Karen Meager & John McLachlan.

  • Date: -
  • Venue:Online Webinar
  • Investment: free

Our Free Guides...

Guide to Setting Goals

If you need help goal setting, getting a good nights sleep, relaxing or to find out about the Power of Your Senses with NLP, download one of our really useful Free Guides.

Our Free Guides

Our Free Online Assessments...

MonkeyPuzzle Online Assessments

Want top tips for your relationships, work life balance type or emotional regulation? Take one of our Free Online Assessments.

Free Online Assessments

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