What is NLP?

What is NLP?

None of us is born with an instruction manual for our brain.

NLP provides that manual for all of us to use everyday in our careers and personal life. It is an applied psychology which enables you to understand how your mind works, use more of the useful things it does and helps you tweak some of the unuseful thinking and behaviour that gets in your way.

NLP is all about putting yourself in charge of your brain and your life

NLP stands for
“Neuro-Linguistic Programming”

Neuro - The mind and how we think.

Linguistic - Language and non verbal communication and how we use it.

Programming - The programmes and patterns we run in our lives.

When you learn NLP with us there’s some education around how we all think and how our mind works, practical models and simple NLP techniques that everyone can use in their life and work to help you to be happier, more successful and resolve problems quickly and easily.

With Karen and John you can follow the full NLP qualification path from NLP Diploma through NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner all the way to INLPTA NLP Trainers Training.

How will learning NLP Skills help you?

NLP has broad application from business and sport right through to healthcare, coaching and psychotherapy and is for everyone who wants to grow their team, their business, their relationships or themselves.

NLP is not just an interesting thing to experience and then never use as is often the case with training. It is practical, easy to use in your everyday life and will help you be successful in whatever you choose to do.

Brain Diagram

What is NLP?

Get off the rollercoaster of life

Some examples of where NLP has been used

Business and Organisational Development

Management and Leadership

Use NLP models and tools to help you set clear and achievable goals for you and your team, increase your influence in your business and successfully develop your business relationships.

Coaching or therapy

Add NLP skills to your existing toolbox or begin your professional training.

Teaching and education

Use NLP to design learning experiences that accelerate learning and increase your flexibility as a teacher or trainer.

Health, social services and youth work

NLP will help you empower others, handle difficult situations effectively and help people manage stress and change behaviour.

Personal Development

Make more decisions you feel good about and know are right for you.

Spend less time worrying about the future, regretting the past and replaying scenarios in your head.

Understand how you and others tick.

Develop relationships that enrich your life, that are honest and fulfilling.

Learn how to relax, improve your health and carry less baggage.

Use the training to explore something important to you; for example career change or development, running a successful business, becoming an incredible parent or moving into retirement.

There’s lots out there, so why us?

Karen and John have grown Monkey Puzzle on one simple belief. We are all Human Beings first and Leaders, Managers, Parents, Partners etc second.

Our NLP training is therefore not a one size fits all vanilla approach, we intertwine the skills learning and knowledge with you, who you are, how you think and what you belief in.

We believe training should be engaging, fun, challenging and most of all be useful life long after the training has finished. Our training is grounded in the practicality of how to use the knowledge and techniques in your business and wider relationships. We combine skills and application with your own personal development.

All our NLP courses are delivered by two qualified NLP Master Trainers supported by training assistants who have a range of backgrounds and experience that will support you. We teach in small group sizes to create a great learning environment, individual attention and support.

All our NLP training courses are internationally certified by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) and adhere to its syllabus and code of ethics.

We are proud to be the only NLP Training school in the UK with 2 INLPTA Master Trainers (there are only a handful of INLPTA Master Trainers in the UK) and are delighted to be associated with INLPTA who have the highest quality of standards and depth of training.

At INLPTA we also believe in training NLP drawing from many different schools of NLP, rather than a one best way approach, so you will learn and understand some of the differences in styles and have the opportunity to try them out and see what fits best for you.

We are a recognised Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) provider and many of our NLP courses are specifically endorsed by the ILM.

Our NLP Training courses are held in Scotland in Bridge of Allan which is easily accessible from Edinburgh and Glasgow and Bristol in the South West of England.

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