Real Leaders for the Real world (eBook for kindle) This eBook doesn't fall into the standard stereotypes, nor does it subscribe to a 'one size fits all.. Product #: RL002 Regular price: £2.99 £2.99 In Stock

Real Leaders for the Real world (eBook for kindle)

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Price: £2.99

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Real Leaders for the Real world eBook. This version is in 'prc' format suitable for Amazon Kindle, Kindle for Windows, Kindle for Mac and other Kindle compatible devices. 



This eBook is supplied in .zip format which may not be able to be opened if directly downloaded on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Android device.

Please place your order and once you receive the confirmation email, download the zipped eBook on a desktop or laptop, unzip and transfer over to your device.


Today there are many free 'Unzip' applications for iOS and Android available from the Apple App Store and Google Android Store that can allow for zipped files to be used directly from your device.

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