Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Inspirational coaching & training to reach your full potential, so your team can reach theirs.

As a leader or potential leader, achieving your objectives matters - and that requires a positive response from your people. After all, change doesn’t happen by itself. However, being in a position of leadership is no guarantee of success.

Great leaders inspire, they share their passion and create purpose. It’s the engagement they create that makes it possible to push through boundaries. There’s a downside too - people look to their leaders to solve problems.

So, whether it’s leading from the front or overcoming the blocks, success comes from mastering the most important leadership skill of all - good communication. That’s communication with your team - and the rest of the organisation.

Good communication also needs to be authentic, and that comes through leaders and potential leaders having the confidence to be themselves. Real leaders influence with integrity, and that comes from within.

We’ll help you discover the true leader you really can be - so both you and your team reach your full potential.


1½ hour Lunch and Learn or Breakfast Sessions on:

  • Essential Traits of Successful & Authentic Leaders
  • Real Leaders; Real Problems
  • Essential Group Dynamics

One Day Events

  • Real Leaders for the Real World Leadership Workshop
  • Influencing with Integrity
  • Board or Leadership Strategy Days
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

Bespoke Leadership Development Programmes

  • One to one Coaching Packages
  • Intensive Real Leaders Programme (2 days training plus Coaching)
  • Full Real Leaders Programme (6 days plus Coaching)

To discuss which option is right for you contact us.


Can you train people to be leaders or are they simply born that way?

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From a senior management point of view, we noticed the difference in how the management teams became more proactive, recognising that if something was not working they could do something about it and gaining the self-confidence to act after the training with John and Karen. The process of working with the teams as a group meant they supported each other and this support has continued on into the workplace. The cost to the charity was a gamble, as funding has been cut, but the positive results have meant the gamble has more than paid off.Claire Hayward, CEO of Freeways.
John has been working with us as a leadership coach for over a year and I have already seen a significant change in the people that he's been working with. John is different from other coaches I've worked with in the past. Through his business knowledge, NLP and therapeutic approach to the whole person, he really makes a difference to their self-awareness, confidence and ultimately business results. John has a truly holistic approach and is a very warm and engaging person who is great fun to work with. I'm delighted to be working with Monkey Puzzle training and look forward to working in partnership to continually develop our leadership team.Pauline Buckley, Cath Kidston Ltd.
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