Time Mastery

Time Mastery

Powerful and productive strategies for leaders and teams to take back control of your time.

Time. We all have an equal amount - but what we manage to achieve with it can vary greatly. We might think we need more of it - but the truth is we can be far more effective if we learn how to master the time we have. That’s Time Mastery. It’s about moving beyond time management - in fact, it’s about banishing it forever.

What about the responsibilities that come with leadership and entrepreneurial roles? Doesn’t being overwhelmed and time starved come with the territory? It doesn’t have to be this way. Much of the time we lose comes from being controlled by other people’s priorities - at the expense of our own.

Time Mastery is about liberating time. Your time. It’s about understanding your time challenges and taking back control by making simple changes to your day to day activity. It’s also about helping others see how they use their time - so they then become more efficient and productive.

Whether you want to have more time to deliver on those big projects, delegate better, or just make the most of your time for the things that are important to you, Time Mastery is a highly efficient approach. Don’t just manage time, Master it.

1½ hour Lunch and Learn or Breakfast Sessions on:

  • The art of a good Work Life Balance
  • Beat the Time Wasters
  • Time Mastery; Banish Time Management Forever

One Day Workshops

  • Introduction to Time Mastery; Banish Time Management Forever
  • The most effective You; design a time management process that fits with your own style
  • Leading Efficiently; how to turn around time wasting behaviour in your team

Time Mastery Programme

  • 2 days Training
  • 2 hours one to one Coaching for each delegate

To discuss which option is right for you contact us.

After learning Time Mastery with Karen, our Partners came away with productivity protocols we could implement in the Practice straightaway. This makes us both productive and consistent as a senior team whilst still leaving space for our individual styles and ways of working. Really important for us as a growing business.Janet Lewis; Partner, JTP Architects, London.
By following Karen & John’s methodology, Leaders not only master their own time, they become an excellent efficiency role model for others. This improved everyone’s productivity and results at EdenTree, allowing us to focus on our mission of delivering Profits with Principles for our clients. Sue Round; Head of EdenTree Investment Management Ltd.


Best selling author Bryony Thomas talks about what she's got out of reading and working through Karen & John's new book Time Mastery; Banish Time Management Forever .

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